Rhythm Beads! Horse Tack & Supplies!                          
Many people are now using Rhythm Beads to improve performance
by enhancing their horse's stride rhythm.  Now you can too!

            Rhythm Beads are known to help calm and relax both           horse and rider.
We have a great selection of Rhythm Beads, accessories, horse tack & supplies that will be perfect for you and your horse!  Some are necessities, some are luxuries, and some are just plain fun!  We will continue to add new items and hope you will check back often.  In response to repeated requests, you will now also find a few items made for that special dog, cat & person in your life. 
One stop shopping ~ Does it get any better than that?  

Remember how you loved it when a horse-drawn wagon would go by with the rhythmic sound of the sleigh bells jingling?  
Now you can add that same amazing sound to your ride!  

If you have watched any of the Natural Horsemanship trainers at work ~ Pat Parelli, John Lyons, Dennis Reis, Clinton Anderson, Chris Cox, etc. ~ then you have probably seen them take a light rope and tie it loosely around the base of the horse's neck to demonstrate where the horse's "drive line" is.  Our Rhythm Beads will sit right on this same drive line area and provide you and your horse with the most soothing melody that you can imagine!  Rhythm Beads can be used while doing ground work or while riding!  

My specialty is Rhythm Beads! 
Since 2004 I have been taking great pride in offering the very best Made In America quality 
and keeping the prices low enough so everyone can afford to splurge a bit!
~ My dogs & cats made me promise to include this reminder to everyone ~ 
"Please be a responsible pet owner and spay/neuter your dogs and cats."
Thank you!

Also...If you have any gently used items that are no longer needed, please remember the animal rescues can always use a little help ~ whether it might be a monetary donation or a piece of equipment you can spare.  I can gurantee that your generosity will be greatly appreciated!  Remember there can be no RECSCUE without ~U~!!! 
Feather Mane Clips
MUSTANG Rhythm Beads
Knee Saving Stirrup Turners
Beaded Dog Collars
Chakra Balancing Riding Charm
Designer Bead BrowBands
Native American Celebrations! Rhythm Beads
We were honored to play a very small part in one little mare's road to recovery.  Here is her story.  "One of the Wisconsin Mares we rescued was a Roan mare who is having problems.  Many of you know what is going on with sweet Roanie, she is very pregnant ~ about 2 to 3 weeks away and has been extremely abused and neglected.  She is afraid of everything including but certainly not limited to her own shadow.   Though she is starting to come along, I still cannot bathe her ~ but at least I can brush her now.  She is deathly afraid of her back quarters being touched and goes crazy with the back left quarter.  If she cannot see you she doesn't want you to touch her.  Unfortunately her fear told us part of her story but the scars left on her told us the rest of it.  Well, today I was brushing her and working on her mane and thought I would try the Rhythm Beads on her as a little desensitization.  Well, never in a million years did I think I would get them on her!  I thought I would just introduce them to her.  To make a long story short...I got them on her and she loved them!  It was almost like a sense of calm or pride came over her!  So I had to take a picture ~ I really wanted to share this with everyone!  Thank You Betty.  Your beads put a smile on my face and gave Roanie a reason to stand tall!  Thanks for letting me share Roanie's story with you."  Roanie's story comes to us from Jennifer S. in Florida with Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue.
 ***UPDATE!  Roanie gave birth to a beautiful filly ~ and Sable is now officially our youngest Rhythm Beads model!!!***
We hope that you enjoy your stay with us!
Here at Rhythm Beads we specialize in bringing you quality products that will make your equine partner shine.
Please feel free to come in and take a look around the Rhythm Beads Store!
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