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and allow them to become your friends as well as ours!

Equine Whispers
Welcome to Equine Whispers! We are a web site that is devoted to natural horsemanship and holistic horse care. Here we offer you alternative and unique natural products for your horse.  Equine Whispers is a distributor for Rhythm Beads in the United Kingdom and surrounding areas!!!

RhythmBeads has expanded it's International reach!  RhythmBeads.eu is our new Benelux distributor covering the Benelux region and branching out across Europe!!!

Best Friends Animal Society
We are trying to create a better world through kindness to animals.

Bear Valley Horse Rescue
Horse Rescue in Alberta, Canada.

Horse Feathers Equine Rescue
Horse Feathers is a non-profit horse rescue located in Oklahoma.  Helping to make the world a better place ~ one horse at a time.

Misfit Acres Horse Sanctuary
Misfit Acres Horse Sanctuary is located in Amboy, MN and is described by the horses living there as - "My Forever Home".

Natural Horse Network
With many years of experience, Natural Horse Network offers informative natural horsemanship and horse training information to horse owners and enthusiasts throughout the nation. Our equine information site is an online community for horse owners to learn more about natural horse training and natural equine products.

Penzance Equine Solutions
PENZANCE Equine Solutions - Healing Equine Hearts, Hooves and Minds ... naturally!

Animal Communications With Barbara Myers
What is Animal Communication? Anyone who shares a bond with an animal already communicates in several ways:  voice, body language, and/or
intuition.  We humans also have the ability to connect in another way, telepathically, which is the method animals use for speaking with each other.

Finding Beau
Beau is a beautiful English Setter who mysteriously vanished from his home on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia on 1 July 2003. This website is a dedication to Beau in the quest to bring him back home.

Blue Mountain Miniature Horses
We are raising some good quality Miniature Horses and they have proven themselves in not only Miniature Horse Shows, but also in Open Horse Shows.  Located just outside of Elgin, Oregon.

~ A Love for Horses ~
The place to look for the best available in Horse Logos, FREE Horse Clip Art, Horse Pictures, Fine Art Horse Paintings, and Top Quality Equine Graphics!!!  This is the only Internet Site specializing in Horse Logo Designs!!!

Another Chance 4 Horses
We assist horses through surrenders/neglect cases, local auctions outbidding kill-buyers, buying sick or injured and purchasing directly out of the kill pens sometimes literally moments before they are shipped to slaughter

Talk'N Horses
At Talk'N Horses you will find tons of "Horse Info That Makes Sense". This site was created for "local folk" with all the stuff the regular horseperson needs to maintain their "horsey" lifestyle.

~ EquiTheater is performing a skit to music ~ Each skit tells a story, each routine is a mini play. It's not horse(s) dancing, stepping or prancing in time to music; it's not a drill team, a liberty or trick act; it's not freestyle reining or musical dressage kur; it's not riding, prancing, dancing around in the arena in a costume with background music.

American Horse Video
The American Horse Video is ready for viewing thanks to the efforts of John Holland. This video is a tribute to how our lives have been enriched by the American Horse. This video is also an educational tool to expose the horse slaughter industry that is foreign owned, but operated within our country's borders. Please consider viewing this very well done tribute to the American Horse. Credit is also given to Mark Miles (BubbaBlues) who got this project started with the song he wrote specifically for this video.

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