Here are a  few customer comments we would like to share with you!

"Everyone who trail rides should own a set of your beads!  They have kept deer, rabbits, fox and turkeys from jumping out  in front of us.  The bells are just loud enough to warn the wild critters we are coming their way ahead of time."

"This past Saturday, I took Wichita next door to the round pen, put on his beads, and asked him to trot around the pen ~ free lunging.  I have to tell you he did a slow trot and turned correctly when asked ~ NO bucking, NO kicking, NO speeding around like a mad man.  WOW!  Am I impressed!  Can't wait till we can try the beads out on the trail!"  

"Love the Rhythm Beads!"

"My Rhythm Beads arrived in the mail yesterday and they are glorious!  I shook them near my pony mare and she didn't show any fear so I put them on and tried them out.  Caramel looked great trotting out with the beads jingling!  She did seem to keep a steadier pace than usual!"

"Hey Betty ~ Got my beads.  They are great!  The horses are used to bells as I put them on the cinches.  But I like yours better.  Thanks!  My friends like them also."

"I'm sooooo excited!!!!!  We received the Rhythm Beads and Dakota's new rope pony halter today!!!!  Everything is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I cannot wait to put Ciagan in his beads and use the halter for the little Tartlet (Dakota's other nickname, lol)!!  They're going to look sooooo beautiful!!!  The halter looks as if it will fit perfectly ~ pretty darn good from just going on pictures and "well, she is a 12.2 hh Welsh Pony with a refined head".  You did GREAT!!!  Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!  Once the holidays are over, I'll be ordering more and I can't wait!!!  Even hubby was excited and impressed, and not much about beads, etc... really excites him, lololol!!!"

"I just received my order of the Rhythm Beads.  I just LOVE them!  Thanks so much.  I can't wait to give them to my riding buddies tomorrow night at the party.  The one I ordered for my horse is the "Equine Royalty", which uses colors symbolizing trust, cooperation and relaxation.  I hope this causes him to be less spooky and more in tune with me as we go down the trail this coming Spring!!"

"I want to let you know the Rhythm Beads I purchased from you are wonderful.  They look great and have a pleasing, relaxing jingle that I and my Arabian mare enjoy. "

"We take Little Dude and Melody for a walk up the road for about a 45 minute work out.  Gets them used to the trucks and cars that go by, the big horses that can't quite figure what ours are, and of course the cows.  I really think the bells help calm them."

"I just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your Natural Horsemanship Beads.  From the moment I put them on my horse he was just fine with them.  In fact, the gentle ringing of the bells truly relaxes him.  I too find them very soothing to listen to.  Whether doing our Parelli groundwork, or riding the trails, my horse always has them around his neck.  Thanks for a wonderful addition to our Natural Horsemanship."

"I have tried the beads and love them!  Plus they look so beautiful on my Arabians.  The rhythmic jingle jingle as we move along the trail is lovely to listen to and provides a pleasant musical peace ~ especially when in the Aussie bush, with the sounds of cookaburras, lyrebirds and parrots as accompaniment!  I do enjoy them and find a ride is 'lifted' when my horses wear them!  Wrangler Jayne"

"Hello ~ I received my beads and really like them.  Surprisinglly my horse is not bothered by them.  I thought it would take some getting used to,  but he likes them!  I lunge him with the beads and he seems calmer.  Not so wild when I first lunge him.  He trots more than gallops with them on.  They are well made and I like the clip to attach and hold to his mane.  Great idea.  I will soon send you a picture.  Thank You!"

"My gaited horses love them!  My TWH thinks she's hot stuff with them on, and as good as her gaits were, I swear they are even better!"

"We received Lil Bit's Rhythm Beads & Ribbons.  This will be one happy Mustang!  They are beautiful, especially the Heart in the center.  Your products are quality & very eye catching!"

"Hi Betty ~ I am trying to find the right color of beads for my Paint.  I let her wear them around for a while and one of my geldings was trying to look at them but she wouldn't let him.  It was pretty funny to watch."

"I'm telling you I am a Rhythm Bead FANATIC!  Today Lady Lark got her Rhythm Beads and they are beautiful on her and the minute she got them on I knew she felt beautiful.  They are so fantastic Betty.  Thank You!  You cannot believe the reaction I get out of the horses when I put them on .  I want to thank you for making our rescue horses feel beautiful!"

"Just wanted to take a min. to thank you for the beads ... They are awesome!!!"

"Great beads!!!  Excellent packaging, quick ship ... and the horses like them!"

"I got my package today!  Everything looks great.  Splash is going to try out his new pretty things tomorrow (and I'm taking people with me to take pictures!)  I think he's going to look brilliant, but my friends thought I was crazy buying things in "girly colors".  They said I was going to crush his masculinity.  (He is a very delicate Arab with a gorgeous long mane who tiptoes everywhere ~ he's about as feminine as they get ~ my purple and blue isn't really doing much damage. hehehehe)"

"I tried our new beads with my Phoenix on the lunge line yesterday and it was really fun. WALK ... did GREAT ... 
TEE-ROT ... WOW beautifully rhythmic.  I'm beginning to see how this can work!  CAN-TEEERRR ... YEOW ~ he takes off like a rocket ... kicking, twisting, POOTING!! well, today we worked on desensitizing!"

"Splash loved the bells ... took to them right away!  I noticed a bit of a difference.  He seemed to like to experiment with making different sound.  He even did a flying lead change!  (I swear he thought it was hillarious that he caught me off guard!)  He looked gorgeous in all of his beautiful things!  ;-)"

"Just a note to let you know I received my Rhythm Beads in the mail last night.  I am delighted with them!  They are lovely and I can hardly wait to try them on Listi and Mystic!"

"I got my beads last night when I got home from a hard days work.  I was tired, stressed and blah...then I opened up your package and Yahoo, I got happy!  I love the beads, they are so well made and I can't wait to try them on Gali."

"I just wanted to let you know that I got the Rhythm Beads, and they look lovely on my horse.  I got the red, white and black beads, and they look really nice since my horse has white hair and his tack is black.  We rode with the beads yesterday, and the jingling was quite pleasant.  My horse seemed to like them too!  The clip is also handy to keep the beads in place."

"I purchased three sets of Rhythm Beads last week and they have been a huge hit with others at our property!  Some have tried ours and have taken a liking to them."

"Thanks so much for these beautiful Rhythm Beads for my boy.  We took our first ride with them yesterday, and he did great.  I think the beads may induce him to trot faster.  They look fabulous with his bridle."

"My daughter's 14th birthday finally arrived and I was able to give her the Rhythm Beads ... They were a big hit!  Thank you for helping me to put together the perfect purple present!"

"I recently purchased some Rhythm Beads from you for my JoJo.  I was afraid she would be really afraid of them and it would take me a while to get them on her.  As you see in the picture, she accepted them with no problem and wears them proudly.  Jolene is a 13 yr old, 17 hand Tennessee Walking Horse who lives in Virginia and I think she looks great in her beads.  I also have seen her respond to me better while we are riding."

"Thanks a million!  My mother got teary eyed over the Beaded Halters, so I'd say she loved them!  ;-)  Now they are going to sign up for their halter classes this season ... (They had a hard time finding show halters in our area ~ that didn't cost an arm and a leg ~ and were not near as beautiful!"

"My daughter's horse was shown in Western Pleasure.  The beads really help him to stay in the nice slow jog."

"I have used the Rhythm Beads twide while doing ground work training and was very impressed that my horse remained calm even when there were lots of distractions that he would have otherwise been interested in.  He remained focused during the sessions."

"Thank you for the wonderful beads (they are so well made!).  I tried them on my horse today and she loved them ~ they are just what she needed!"

"The Rhythm Beads arrived ... and they are just beautiful!  The pictures on the site are great, but seeing the real things is terrific.  I LOVE them!"

"I received the Rhythm Beads today, they are fabulous!  I love them.  I took them down to the field and gently introduced the sound by wearing them myself around the horses while they were free to walk off or away.  Then gradually made more rhythmic tinkling sounds and let the hores smell them.  Then I rubbed them over the horses bodies slowly.  That's all I did for today ~ tomorrow I can do a little more.  So far, so good.  I'm absolutely delighted with them, they feel so right.  My sincere thanks Betty.  I can tell you put them together with love and care ~ they are perfect.  One happy customer here!"

"I had to write and tell you about this!!!  I took the beads out and put them on Bo in his stall.  The fit is good, very good.  Anyway, I clipped them to his mane and then shifted the beads just a bit so he could hear them and he was fine.  I stood back and watched him.  He was just standing there and then he flicked the muscles on his right shoulder...just a bit.  The bells jingled.  He stood there and then he did it muscle, just a little jingle.  He kept this up for almost 5 minutes.  He never moved around, just stood there ever so quietly and flicked the muscle. He was calm, ears relaxed, eyes ever so soft, just jingling the bells with his muscles.  And the colors are gorgeous on him!!!"

"Loki wore his beads again yesterday and got a 2nd place!  It was his best score of the year.   I'm taking Loki and his beads to another ride in two weeks.  People ask if they scare away deer.  All I can say is that I haven't seen any deer when I've used them."

"Just wanted to let you know about the beads.........I've passed them out to all of the owners here at the barn, and they received an unequivocal "thumbs up" from everyone. We had Robyn (animal communicator)  out just last night, and my studly paint told her how much he likes his beads ( he has the Sacred White Buffalo). He told her "they make me look so handsome."....(and yes, he is a bit conceited.....). Impy (Plain Imprint) said she likes hers as well (she got the healing blue beads). Snickers didn't get "read" last night, but you can tell that she is pleased with hers as well.....she stands a little taller and prouder when she wears them."

"I got our beads today and they are wonderful. it's a great combination of my colors, and also fjord colors. and the browband with the wide beads in the center is just plain stunning. i can't wait to show it off at the barn......"

" I just wanted to let you know how THRILLED I am with the rhythm beads and mane clip I'd ordered.      I was more touched and impressed that you'd processed my order prior to receiving payment.  That just doesn't happen these days.  And to get it done and to me before you headed out on a family emergency . . .   I appreciate it more than words can say.  (I'll send you some photos when I get a chance to try them out this weekend.)  Thank you so much!"

"Thanks So Much for the Beads Betty!!!  Charlie Horse loves 'em!"

"Thanks again for the beads!   We actually put them on our Therapy Horse "Heston"  He is a Quarter Horse that we use for the cancer patients  to get rides on and to just plain hug and love on when they come to visit.  They love to hug and hang on the horses after a horrible day of chemo treatments and it makes them feel wonderful.  We won't leave the beads on him though because all the girls got jealous and wanted them for themselves "

"I just love your idea of the beads!  Thank you!"

"Nash's and DeeDee's rhythm beads arrived today. I am SO delighted with their appearance. Your choice of adding blue, clear and yellow beads to DeeDee's cranberry beads could not be more perfect! Both the cranberry and clear beads appear as glass....very classy. :) She will love them! Nash's beads are exactly as I pictured them....great earth tones with no gloss. This is Nash... no gloss about him, he is a "work horse". :) "

"Pax is still wearing the halter beads you sent. (one on his halter and one in reserve). He has become a much calmer horse. We could attribute this to his having aged 4 months (hah), being more adjusted to this farm after 2-1/4 years, no more trotter- races or pulling Amish buggies, but personally, I think it's the rhythm beads and soothing, soft tinkling of the bells. The reason I think this is because he's had 2 years, here, to improve his behavior.... though his behavior has slowly progressed in 2 years, it has rapidly progressed since wearing the rhythm beads. I would not have believed this had I not experienced it.  .....Thank you, thank you..... "

"The Rhythm Beads will still bestow their healing properties while being placed near Magic - this is what I believe.  When the wind blows, he will hear the soft, soothing music of the bells, rather than be focused on the wind blowing his tail."

"BETTY........... the BEADS are so pretty !!!!  I had to go move King from the grassy paddock up front of the farm to the back & I thought " OH, I will just put his beads on as I put his halter back on & walk him back & let him show off in 
front of the girls...... they LOVE King....he makes them all googly... ;-P  He was trottin back like..... look @ THESE !!!"

"My Fjord Oz wore his beads at the minnesota horse expo this weekend. i had not had a chance to put them on him before, but he didn't mind one bit. I think he liked the sound. Thanks so much for doing them."

"I received my Rhythm Beads today, and I just have to tell you, living in Alaska I do a lot of shopping online. It's always so difficult to tell what the quality of a product is without being able to see it in person. What a pleasant surprise when your expectations are exceeded.  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!  Better than I imagined, the brass bells are so pretty and the tone is just what I was hoping for! I absolutely love them! The wooden beads in the earth tones are going to match my "pretty boy" to a "T". I am so perfectly satisfied with the quality and workmanship. I am expecting lots of compliments, and when they ask me, "Where did you get those beautiful Bear beads?" I will recommend you with out hesitation. Thanks for making my day."

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Therapy Horses Know How To Heal With Love!
"Here is a picture of Heston and Colleen.  Colleen was grooming Heston when the Rhythm Beads got here, so we just had to try them on him. Colleen is a breast cancer survivor.  I see love when she is here with them, especially Heston. I think he has put his hoof prints on her heart! He is very special."
"We have a couple kiddos at the clinic where I work that go to horse therapy, I showed one of them the picture of Heston and said "this is the horse I like" and he just squealed with joy (he is non verbal) he loves the horses!  I ask him if he has ridden and his face lights up and he makes happy noises.  There is really something good there."
"Heston and the other horses have helped me into recovery from cancer.  The creak of the saddle is a sound I never expected to hear again.  In May I can claim one 
year cancer free, with horses as my 'get well tonic'."

***Heston is at Sterling Silver Farm Equine Rescue in Silver Springs, Florida. ~ dedicated to improving the lives of horses and the people around them.  
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